We invite you to come and experience the world of BARBEYAKI.

"It'll stick to your bones like a Puerto Rican Prom Dress"


What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Begin anywhere.

At Barbeyaki we do not remember days.....
we remember moments.

About Us

Back in the 1870's, a group of Chinese families immigrated to the Mississippi Delta to begin working as laborers on the railroad, connecting the South to the West. Along with strong work ethics, they brought their cultural cuisine to the Deep South. In 1906 my great grandmother, "Mama Dolly" began to create a delicious grilling sauce in her Greenville, Mississippi kitchen. She combined her Southern heritage and taste buds with the Asian flavors she had become accustomed to tasting from the workers.

The result for your liking is BARBEYAKI, the original Barbeque Grilling Sauce.

We hope our products and blog will inspire you step out of your prison door and experience life like never before. We will introduce you to the new and absurd, and expect you to  respond with stuff that comes right from your heart and soul. Let's work together to make each other's lives exciting and interesting everyday. And maybe if we both try hard enough, the lives of others around the Globe.

Now strip down to your undies and read a good book under a tree! Or better yet, hit the blog button.

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